Coating method

Micro Gravure
Two Roll Reverse
Slot Die

Operation window

  • Coating thickness:1um ~ 50um
  • Coating width:300mm ~1550mm
  • Recipes:acrylic resin、PU resin、UV resin、epoxy resin etc...
  • Coating thickness:10um ~ 250um
  • Substrate thickness:30m,RollerSupport + AirFloating
  • Drying method:Max Temp. 180℃ / UV Curing
  • Lamination: before UV、after UV
  • Clean Room Class:Fab - Class 10,000 / Coater - Class 100


In order to fulfill the responsibility of environmental protection, the factory is equipped with a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), a water washing tower and a continuous automatic monitoring system (CEMS), which can effectively stabilize the combustion of harmful substances in the exhaust gas and conduct real-time management. Including RTO and related heating equipment in the plant, use natural gas or electric heating to replace traditional heavy oil, which can effectively reduce carbon emissions.